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Unique features

  • Readymade solution – Ready to use 800 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm size manholes with 600 or 640 mm size spacious opening for entrance makes the job easy.
  • Light in weight – 90% lighter than concrete manholes that makes the handling and installation of manholes very easy and Moreover, the installation can be done without need of heavy equipment’s.
  • Robust design – Ultra manholes are designed to withstand heavy traffic loads up to 40 MT. They are strong enough to withstand all types of static or dynamic loads such as soil loads, traffic loads and the loads arising on account of soil displacement and ground water pressure.
  • Strong and durable – Being in plastics, the manholes are free from any corrosion or chemical Because of this and due to the robust design the manholes are sufficiently strong and durable to offer a long and trouble free service life.
  • 100 % Watertight structure – All the components of manholes are designed in such a way that there remains no possibility of any leakage. Unlike conventional products, Nu-drain sewer system installed with Ultra manholes is totally free from any infiltration and exhilaration; hence the highest standard of hygiene is maintained.
  • Perfect hydraulic properties Streamline design of the manhole and very smooth internal surface greatly reduces the possibility of slime build-up which minimizes the risk of blockage.
  • Suitable for installation depths up to 6 m.
  • Safe against floatation – Rib structure on the external surface and its overall design makes the manholes safe against floatation.
  • Provided with in-built ladder to facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Provision of height adjustment – Height adjustment of manhole is possible according to the changes in the formation level of roads to suit the site requirements.
  • An additional pipe connection to the manhole at different levels and at any angle is possible using simple and reliable ‘in-situ’ adapters.
  • Eco- friendly and cost effective.
manhole - leenus india
manhole - leenus india

Ultra Manhole

Inspection chambers and manholes are the important components of the drainage or sewerage system. Inspection chambers are used for inspecting sewer networks from the surface level while manholes provide access to a person inside the manhole for cleaning and maintenance activities. These are used at the junction in sewer network or a straight or bend configuration depending on the flow patterns or even as water meter chambers.

Unlike conventional drainage systems, the entry of man inside the manhole is almost eliminated in advanced plastic sewer systems. Because of the mirror smooth inner surface of these systems, the possibility of blockage is greatly reduced and hence the modern technology CCTV inspection cameras for inspection and jet cleaners for cleaning and maintenance can be used.

Most of the sewer maintenance requirements are fulfilled through Ultra 600 inspection chambers; however, where the entry of man is essentially required, Supreme Ultra 800, 1000 and 1200 mm size manholes can be used. These readymade, ready to use manholes offered by the company consists of a base, a shaft and a cone with suitable cover. In addition to the three piece design, a single-piece cost-effective design is also offered for certain inverts depths. These strong and sturdy manholes are designed, manufactured and tested as per EN:13598 standards and are approved by MCGM.

Fields of application

Ultra 800, Ultra1000 and Ultra1200 manholes are designed to provide an easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of private and public sewers up to 6 m invert depth. Supreme Ultra manholes having robust design, durability and flexibility are the best substitute to the conventional concrete and masonry manholes.

manhole - leenus india