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Features And Benefits

Rotationally moulded for maximum strength and better performance.

  • 100% Virgin raw material- Promises superior quality and a long lasting performance.
  • Strong and durable – Unique and innovative design of the ribs makes it strong and sturdy as compared to regular products available in the market. This unique feature gives an edge to the Siltank over others preventing it from bulging when filled with water. Siltank has a very good impact strength and is virtually unbreakable.
  • Thermal insulation – Provision of a foam layer in the tank improves the insulation and keeps water cool in summers. It also prevents water from getting too cold in winters maintaining a temperature difference of around 15° C from the environment.
  • UV-stability – UV stabilization prevents degradation of material due to adverse effects of ultraviolet rays and ensures that there is no cracking or loss of physical properties.
  • Suitable for drinking water – Use of food grade virgin plastic ensures its suitability for potable water as the quality of water does not get affected even when stored for a long period.
  • Easy installation – Built in provision of hooks for lifting the tank to higher floors, makes installation comparatively easy.
  • Strong covers – Specially designed injection moulded covers are much stronger and its simple threaded design provides ease in opening and closing.
  • Full capacity guaranteed – Unlike commercial tanks the storage capacity of Supreme Siltank is equal or exceed to the stated capacity. You get what you see.
  • Assured quality – Rigorously tested to ensure the quality. Meets and exceeds all quality parameters as specified in BIS.