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Surveyor land survey is the technique, profession, and science of measuring the shape of the land and gathering data for civil engineering and construction projects. The land surveying profession is called a land survey. A surveyor is a professional person with academic qualifications and technical expertise in land surveying. Surveyors guide construction and development projects & provide the information needed for property purchase and sale.

Types of Survey

Let’s take a quick look at a sample of the different types of land surveys available.

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Land surveying

Land surveying involves measuring and determining property boundaries, which are used as the basis for all property transactions, including buying, selling, mortgaging, and leasing.


Technical assessment of DGPS survey land survey is an important part of the Land Survey service group. The survey services provided by the Land Survey Service cover all aspects of the survey profession. These include ground control surveys for photogrammetric projects, airborne GPS, differential GPS, route and alignment surveys, boundary and cadastral surveys, monitoring projects for structural movements, surveys in hazardous environmental conditions, mineral surveys, construction and cross-accuracy, and DGS. Department Surveys. As a customer-oriented organization, the Ground Survey Service's combination of survey staff, equipment, and PC resources allows tailoring of the project approach to meet all project accuracy and precision requirements. The Land Survey Service has developed innovative methods for collecting field survey data, which will accelerate its post-processing in the workplace. These innovative methods are called our survey methodologies.


Topographic surveys are an engineering process used to map the surface of the earth. Boundary surveys focus on horizontal measurements, while topographic surveys focus on landforms and elevations. In topographic surveys, most of the measurements are done with a surveying quality global positioning system (GPS) unit and electronic distance measurements of total station theodolite. The result of the survey is presented in the form of contour lines on maps of the land these maps are then used for land planning construction mining and agriculture.


The ALTA Survey is a boundary survey prepared jointly by ALTA/ACSM and set to the set of minimum standards approved. A complex survey product designed to assist all parties involved in a commercial real estate transaction. In addition, the ALTA survey shows improvements, facilities, rights-path, and other factors affecting land ownership.

Boundary Survey

A Boundary survey is an important part of pre-construction care. The boundary survey determines the perimeter of the property concerning the legal interpretation of the site.

Construction Survey

The purpose of surveying is to prepare a map to show the relative positions of objects on the surface of the earth. To collect field data. To prepare a plan or map of the surveyed area. To analyze and calculate field parameters to set the operation of actual engineering tasks.

Location Survey

The establishment is based on points and lines in predetermined locations by computational or graphical methods or by interpretation obtained from data provided by record documents such as deeds, maps, or other sources.

Site Planning Survey

A site plan is a sketch made from information taken from a survey. It consists of a combination of the boundary survey and topographic survey and is used to prepare a site plan or other document that describes the proposed improvements to the parcel of land.

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is conducted when a landlord wants to divide most of the land into 2 or more parcels. As a result, each new lot gets a special title. The first step in the subdivision process is application.

Layout Marking/Demarcation

Layout marking or Demarcation enables the property owners to determine the boundaries of the property and separates their property into various plots. Marking demarcation is mandatory for real estate developers to define square footage as part of their sales concepts.

Engineering Land Survey

Engineering Surveying is a broad term used to describe the work of surveyors in civil engineering work. Engineering land surveying is an important disciplinary field that assists construction projects.

Contour Survey

In the world of property, the contour survey is an outline of the mass of the land. A landscape survey or detailed survey is done by a land surveyor and is required before you start designing your buildings.

Estimating Earthwork Volumes

Estimating land work volumes is important information when planning a project. Evaluating earthmoving work is very important information after finishing earthmoving work & before filling or cutting soil.

Sewer Design

There are three main components of a sewer system – sewers, pumping stations, and water treatment plants. Sewerages are pipes that carry sewage from various sources to water treatment plants. These sewer pipes are usually made of concrete, PVC, and tilted pipes.

Types of Sewers

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  • Asbestos Cement Sewer.
  • Brick Sewer.
  • Cement Sewer.
  • Cast iron Sewer.
  • Steel Sewers.
  • Plastic Sewers.

Modern sewage systems fall into two categories domestic and industrial sewers and storm sewers. Sometimes the mixed system only provides pipes, mains, and outflow sewers for all types of sewage and runoff.

The three types of sewers are sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and mixed sewers. These three sewage systems play an important role in transporting and properly treating the waste we produce.

  • Sanitary sewer systems and sewerage systems should be specially designed.
  • Sewage volume depends on the size of the sanitary sewage, variation in peak, average flows, flow limitation, the topography of the area, construction materials, etc.