Ultraguard Covers



Ultraguard Covers

Unique features

  • Light in weight – easy to handle and install
  • Strong and sturdy design to withstand designed loads
  • Better impact strength
  • Anti-skidding design
  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear
  • Excellent chemical, corrosion, abrasion and UV resistance
  • Non recyclable material and better locking provision helps to protect against thefts
  • Cost effective

Ultragard - 315

Ultragard- 315

Ultragard- 355

Ultragard- 450

Ultragard 600 x 450

Product Range

Composite frames and covers
Size Type Load class (MT) Cover Frame
O.D. Height I.D. O.D. Height
250 Round L.W. 250 18 210 295 28
315 Round 1.5 315 23 275 360 33
315 Square 3.5 314×314 40 279 335×335 140
355 Round 3.5 400 23 335 475 40
450 Round 10.0 518 40 475 611 63
450 Square 3.5 448×448 40 412 473×473 140
600×450 Rectangle 5 640×490 43 600×450 700×550 40
Gully top covers
Size Type Load class (MT) Cover Frame
O.D. Height I.D. O.D. Height
300×300 Square 2.5 335×335 31 300×300 400×400 40
All dimensions are in mm

450mm, 10mt Composite Covers (Additional Unique Features)

  • Provision of hinge joint between frame and cover for easy opening and closing of cover, this also helps to safeguard the cover.
  • Provision of slots on the frame base to have proper anchoring with the concrete.
  • Adequate seating area on frame to have proper resting of cover which eliminates the possibility of cover movement and its dislocation.
  • Anti-skidding design with negligible gap between the frame and cover.
  • Can also be supplied with air tight variety.


Domestic, public and industrial areas like residential houses, gardens, garages, parking areas, roads, sport amenities, shop floors etc.

Installation Guidelines

  • Install the frame and cover after the completion of backfilling up to the desired top level, around the inspection chamber/ manhole etc.
  • Provide a 6″ thick PCC to give a firm support to the cover frame (PCC should be provided in such a way that min. 25mm gap is maintained between the top of the riser or shaft and the bottom of the cover)
  • Place the frame on wet PCC and fix-it using stud or fastener.
  • Match the top surface of frame with road top level using the road construction material (concrete or bituminous hot mix).
  • Now put the cover on the frame and fix it with the screws or given locking arrangement.
    (450mm frame and cover are supplied as a set)
Note : Allow min. curing time to set the PCC to achieve the required strength.